This group project was an assignment from ARPA with TU Delft. The challenge was to create the lighting plan of 5 different places in the Villa Savoye: the entrance, the spiral stairs, the living room, the garden and the rooftop. This new lighting had to be visualized and presented at the end of the course. We decided as a group to present our lighting both in Photoshopped images and in a Virtual Reality demo of the villa with our lighting in it.


I had the lead on the Virtual Reality part of the project. The first step was to find a 3D model of the empty Villa light enough to perform well in Unreal Engine. The next step was to learn to work with Unreal Engine and find the limitations of the program for lighting. As the project went on, we co-designed both on paper and in real time in Unreal Engine to see if our lighting worked as envisioned. Finally, it was optimized for the HTC Vive. Navigation through the house was made possible with a PS4 controller and the HTC Vive allowed to look around and experience the Villa in real sizes.

Following is a short demo of the rooms: